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The formation of the “Company of Master Mariners of Sri Lanka” (CMM) was first mooted by a handful of shore-based Master Mariners who were on duty at the Colombo Pilot Station. The message was conveyed to other Master Mariners and the initial meeting was held in November 1990 to lay the groundwork for the creation of Company of Master Mariners of Sri Lanka (CMMSL).

The CMMSL was established at a formal general meeting on 12th December 1990, which is considered as the day of official launching. The CMMSL was established on similar lines as “The Honorable Company of Master Mariners of the United Kingdom” and that of our neighbors, “The Company of Master Mariners of India”. The objective being to form a body for the betterment of Merchant Shipping and Seafarers in Sri Lanka.

The Company of Master Mariners of Sri Lanka has, over 3 decades, seen a growth from around 20 members to over 350 members in 2020. CMMSL is held in high esteem in the Maritime Sector of Sri Lanka and its members hold senior positions and are represented in many high-level maritime bodies and forums. These include the Merchant Shipping Secretariat of the Ministry of Ports and Shipping, The Sri Lanka Ports Authority, Ceylon Association of Shipping Agents, Maritime Training Institutes, Ship-owners, Shipping Agents, Marine Surveyors, Flag State Inspectors and vetting surveyors in addition to Masters in command of the largest ships trading globally.

CMMSL is a member of the Organization of Professional Associations of Sri Lanka and represents the forum and the executive council at the OPA. As a professional body of experienced nautical personnel, it seeks, amongst its objectives, to maintain its status as a recognized professional consultative organization independent of political or industrial bias.