Presentation at CMM Bi Monthly Meeting
on the 20th Feb 2015

Use of Electronic Equipment in Modern Navigation
– by Capt Peshala Medagama

It was a heavy dose of modern day electronic equipment jargon for a layman. But for a modern day IT savvy Maritime Professional, it was a very well described comprehensive presentation about Modern Electronic Equipment in e-Navigation heart of which Capt Peshala Medagama opined is the modern ECDIS wherein e in e- navigation he explained is more to do with enhanced than electronic navigation because electronics in navigation is not new to marine navigation. He went on to describe array of modern electronic equipment and satellite based and terrestrial based systems, shipboard integration and display system, communication systems redundancies for electronic charts. In short he gave a thorough outlay of futuristic navigation model.

The long awaited by monthly meeting for a presentation on a professional subject of this nature was held at OPA Auditorium on the 20th Feb 2015. The CMM Executive Council headed by CMM President Capt Nirmal Silva having decided to organize the event had to integrate all their efforts through the CMM Secretary Capt Rohith Fernando who in all respect the ECDIS of the CMM without whose enhanced efforts this would not have been possible said Capt Ranjith Weerasinghe proposing the vote of thanks. Whilst Mates /Master candidates from CINEC and MERCANTILE were in the audience, Capt Peshala Medagama was thanked for making the new generation of Mariners rethink to be real professional practicing mariners by being savvy with ever changing developments in navigation.

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The Company of Master Mariners of Sri Lanka (CMM) along with the Society of Chief Engineers Marine (SOCEM) and the Institute of Marine Engineering Science & Technology (IMareST) held their annual joint Christmas Party at the Grand Monarch Banquet Hall at Talawathugoda on the evening of Friday 12th Dec, 2014. In spite of the rain and the resulting traffic jams preventing an early start, the evening commenced with great enthusiasm, energy and camaraderie. The group of Carol Singers who entered the blacked out banquet hall with brightly lit candles in their hands singing "Silent Night" made a great start to get everyone in the right mood. During the singing of carols which were also sung by all present, Santa Claus ran in with his bag of goodies meeting all the children at their tables and handed over gifts to each child.

As usually expected at mariner’s functions, the seniors were seen becoming quite restless as their bunkering had to wait for the carols to come to an end as the bar was to open only then. Once the bar was opened, the mariners, as usually expected, forgot their families and lined up round the bar with their bunker hoses connected and manifold valves open to fill up tanks, catching up for lost time. Shortly after, it was dancing time with nearly everyone on the floor and the families having a go as well. Dinner was served around 22.00 hrs and the dancing continued soon after. With tanks topped up to 100% and some over flowing, the mariners on the floor who were fully charged requested to continue until after midnight. Since the CMM President was also on the floor at that time, it was unanimously agreed to go ahead until the party broke up around 02.00 hrs the following day. All in all, it was a very successful evening with around 175 attending. Our thanks to the Management of the Grand Monarch for their support and it certainly was a good change of venue with ample parking. The large banquet hall looked very posh and 5 star and the service and food served was highly commendable.

So concluded another Mariner’s Christmas party with everyone wishing each other for a year full of peace and happiness ahead.

CMM takes this opportunity to wish all Members and their families
a Joyous Festive Season with a Blessed Christmas
and a wonderful 2015.

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The Company of Master Mariners of Sri Lanka held a joint seminar with the Organisation of Professional Associations at the OPA auditorium on Friday 24th October, 2014 which commenced at 6.30 p.m. The presentation was delivered by Mr. Sudattha Silva, Superintendant of the Sri Lanka Customs & Attorney at Law, on the topic “Customs Border Control - Law and Procedures”. The Seminar was chaired by the OPA President-elect Mr. Athauda Jayawardane and the President of CMM Capt. Nirmal Silva with CMM’s Secretary Capt. Rohith Fernando & Guest Speaker Mr. Sudattha Silva occupying the head table.

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The Organisation of Professional Associations of Sri Lanka (OPA) held their annual six aside Cricket Tournament at the NCC grounds Sunday, 5th October, 2014.

The Company of Master Mariners of Sri Lanka was represented by an all captains side consisting of six players under the able guidance of all rounder Capt. Nandika Peiris.
The match had an early ending but the usual fellowship that followed carried on till late afternoon.

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The Company of Master Mariners of Sri Lanka (CMM), The Institute of Marine Engineering Science and Technology (IMarEST), The Society of Chief Engineers Marine ( SOCEM); together with the marine students from Maritime Training Institutes CINEC Maritime Campus, Lanka Academy of Technological Studies, The Institute of Technology - University of Moratuwa and The Institute of Engineering Technology (IET) Katunayake, held their 20th Annual Soft Ball Cricket Tournament at the Wesley College Grounds, Borella, on Saturday 10th September 2014.The Chief Guest at the event was the main sponsor Capt. Roine Sordal (Seaspan Regional Crewing Representative) who was accompanied by Ninni. As usual, this fiercely competitive but friendly annual event was enjoyable for the players and the families of Mariners who joined the fun. The younger ones, many of whom would be future mariners, were kept occupied with the castle bouncer whilst continuous music encouraged the players to play better and the Mariners to patronize the “Beer Hut” reminiscing of the great times on board ship. It was indeed a fun filled day for all those who attended and enhanced the comradeship between the navigators and Marine Engineers.

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The establishment of an Association of Master Mariners of Sri Lanka has been a long felt need. However as the majority of Master Mariners were engaged in seafaring, it had been difficult to devote time and attention to the organization of such a body.

The Merchant Shipping Act forms a part of the Legislative Enactments of Sri Lanka. In 1971, the Merchant Shipping Act No.52 was enacted to amend and consolidate the law relating to Merchant Shipping. This resulted in the establishment of a Merchant Shipping Division under the Ministry of Shipping. Previously this function was under the purview of the Department of Customs. In retrospect, however, it can be seen that the first appointment of a Sri Lankan Master Mariner to the Pilot Service in the Port of Colombo had been in 1948, and the first local appointment to the prestigious post of Master Attendant had been in 1954.

Sri Lanka has had no known schemes for apprentices/deck cadets until 1936, when, with agreement of the Government of India, one cadet was admitted to the Training Ship “Dufferin” every alternate year subsequently two cadets every year. This number was increased to three in the 1960s, culminating in 1974 when four cadets received Training on the T.S. Rajendra which replaced the T.S.Dufferin. In the early 1970’s with the inception of Ceylon Shipping Corporation (CSC), a training scheme was organized where batches of twelve cadets a year were initially trained aboard MV Lanka Kalyani”, a CSC vessel dedicated for this purpose whilst engaged in foreign going trade and thereafter senior cadet berths were offered on all CSC vessels. Additionally, Sri Lankan youth were also able to obtain cadetships with foreign shipping companies. All these cadets in later years proceeded to UK, India, Australia or other commonwealth countries for their Certificate of Competency examinations. In the mid 80’s, shore based deck cadet training schemes were initiated by the Government as an NDT course, and Private sector Nautical Colleges followed suit. In the early 90s, for the first time, Certificates of Competency Examinations for junior officers were held in the country. The first ever Master Mariners Examination in the country was held in year 2002.

By the early 1990’s there were at least one hundred overseas qualified Sri Lankan Master Mariners. As much as around 40% of them had taken up shore based positions in the shipping industry by then. It was mainly on the initiative of these Master Mariners, that the formation of the “Company of Master Mariners of Sri Lanka”(CMM) became a reality. The initial idea had been mooted by a handful of Master Mariners gathered in November 1990 and is considered to have properly been established at a general meeting on 12th Dec 1990. The CMM was established on similar lines as the Honorable Company of Master Mariners of the United Kingdom and that of our neighbors, “The Company of Master Mariners of India”. The collective valuable knowledge base and experience it could harness was expected to be made available to the betterment of Merchant Shipping in Sri Lanka.

The Company of Master Mariners of Sri Lanka encourages all qualified Master Mariners to be members. As a professional body of experienced nautical personnel, it seeks, amongst its objectives, to maintain its status as a recognized professional consultative organization independent of political or industrial bias.

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